Happy Chinese New Year! We had such a blast celebrating Ayo’s first Chinese New Year at church. It was a bilingual Mandarin/English service with music, dance, short preaching, kids performance, tasty real Chinese food and of course hong baos for the children. For this, an unknown but friendly middle-aged lady didn’t want Ayo to miss out. So so fun. And of course, chaotic. 😉

2 thoughts on “新年快乐

  1. He is such a happy baby!! I didn’t know y’all go to a chinese church ! are the services always bilingual? Super cute dress it looks real good on you !

    1. Aw thanks, Rubs! Service we attend is in English, but I get to speak Mandarin every week, which is pretty awesome. They have combined services (English-Mandarin) for special events like Chinese New Year.

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