Sweet moments

It’s going to be a good morning!

Not safe or recommended but practical!
You’d never know that we are headed out the door.

Papa on duty!

Here is how I found them when I arrived back home:



Discovery of the car at the grocery store.
Just some fun moments captured by my phone camera recently.



3 thoughts on “Sweet moments

  1. Oh my gosh. That one of them on the table- looks like sweetie is about to fall off!!! Was it also a last minute skype with Mamie? Also noticing the half drunk coffee… must haves before leaving the house- diaper changes and a coffee.

    1. She is thankfully pretty much immobile still unlike her brother who is only still as he is glued to the last part of Peppa Pig. You really think mamie would let me leave the kids on the table if she were on skype? 😉 Yes, sometimes, I smell poopy dipes and instantly make myself a coffee. I have had a lot of coffee recently!

  2. Peppa pig! Explains why he is clear in the picture and not a blur. :) After flinks I regularly had 1-2 coffee’s a day, after lilybud it was 2-3, and with number 3, well, I worry that number might jump to 3-4!

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